Momona Komagata

Bio & Resume 


Momona Komagata was born to a French mother and Japanese father who met while backpacking in Europe. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Quebec City, Canada, where her sports-and-studies high school led to a love of performing gymnastics, Momona has lived in Canada and the US and now resides in what's become known as Hollywood North: Vancouver, Canada. Because of her international upbringing, Momona is fluent in English, French and Japanese. 

Action Hero, Actor, Model

Since the age of three, Momona has paved a way to an acting career by participating in a host of circus, ballet, gymnastics, theatre, capoeira, and fashion shows, along with modeling gigs that showcase her love of the performing arts. With a Best Actress nomination under her belt, Momona now fully pursues the acting craft while incorporating her athletic talents with the clear intention of becoming a full-blown, kick-butt action star. 


Momona has successfully started her producing career with a televised PSA and a grant winning short action film which screened at Festival de Cannes. More to come from her!


Alongside dreams to judge gymnastics on the world stage one day, Momona actively judges throughout the Canadian competitive season and takes part in a number of gymnastics related committees. Plus, since 2012, Momona has been invited to judge several events including pageants and improv competitions.

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