Momona Komagata


 "The other actor on the day was one of my favorites, Momona Komagata.  I’m sure there are other women out there like her, but I expect those women are established in the business where Momona is destined to get.  Attitude, charisma, willingness to learn and adapt, fierce and tough, yet completely caring about cast and crew safety while risking her own with no abandon.  I fully expect one day I’ll be watching tv or a Hollywood movie and Momona will be front and center and I’ll be able to brag that she worked in my meager web series way back when."

Scott Staven, Bad Guy Films,

 "We loved Momona Komagata's enthusiasm when she came for her audition. Do not be fooled by her ability to perform the youthful and naive as natural, we had a hard time deciding between two roles, the other being worldly and cynical. She is very talented and mixed with her beauty, there is no doubt she will become a sought after talent."

Marliss Films,

 "Professional, playful, and productive. Momona turned what would have been a very tedious day into a walk in the park."

Wallace Siu, Overlit Video Productions,

 "Momona is someone who is not afraid of a challenge. She works hard, does not complain and is always gracious and grateful towards others. I look forward to seeing her rise in this industry. Someone to look out for and I will be cheering her on!! Keep going, you have so much to offer."

Alex Wernli, F.O.G. Productions,

 "I feel quite fortunate to have been able to work with actress/action superstar/gymnast: Ms. Momona Komagata. Not only is she talented and professional, but she is also kind, supportive, and easy-going. I said it at the audition and I will say it here it again: I really hope she succeeds in her acting career, because she certainly deserves it."

Andrew Zeller, Spellbinding Productions,

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